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Welcome to the official Light Bulb Alley website! Light Bulb Alley are Montreal's Garage/Rock troubadours. Light Bulb Alley speaks in tongues and wake up in strange places questioning the meaning of the universe.  booking:



On the transcending night of November the 28th, Light Bulb Alley, A bunch of sweat dripping, beer sipping, bare-knuckle hooligans thrashed away at the TRH bar. With Allister (dressed as the Sheriff) on the vocals, Sean (dressed as a Cowboy) on lead guitar, Dusty (as himself) on bass and Pablo (dressed as Kung-Fu Master) at the drums. These creatures of the night encouraged the monsters of Halloween to bang their heads to their rhythm. Their gritty melodic sound waves raised through the ever imposing crowd of fans who bobbed their heads.

The set started off with three drawn-out minutes of the same droning chord buzzing off, getting more and more intense. The crowd started to flock in curiosity, the intensity now at it's utmost peak, so much that Light Bulb Alley had to release the main riff of "I Don't Owe You A Thing". Allister's raspy voice sounded off into the audience as they ventured closer to the stage, getting ready to rock-n-roll. He Stands up tall with his cowboy hat with his badge and points at the crowd shouting, "I Don't Owe you a thing!!", as the they cheer in unison. 

Sean, looked like a crazed cowboy and he viciously played his guitar with the simple, but genius licks, while gyrating across the stage like a maniac on a mission from god. Him and  Allister's  antics on-stage alone was enough to get the crowd riled-up. You hear Dusty's rumbling-bass rolling through the air like molasses, as Pablo thumps at the drums like an evil heart-beat. Dusty looked like a post-modern Cool-hand-Luke and Pablo like a Kung-Fu drum master who practiced his craft to perfection.

Allister on vocals and guitar,  Light Bulb Alley
Sean on the Lead Guitar, Light Bulb Alley

Their masterful and melancholic happy-go-lucky Country track "The Roads Must Part" played as a welcome element into the crazy night, as the couples flowed into their slow-dance mojo. The unreleased track, "Problems", kicked in to mustard up the set. This provided us with a glimpse into the inner-working of Seans slide guitar soul, as seen here, 

Light Bulb Alley played most of the songs from their new LP, "The Bright Side Of The Dumpster", which was released on the September of 2016, with crowd favorites like, "I Only Got 2 Feet" and "Mary-Jane". The set crashed to a screeching halt with the fan favorite "Pepper Spray" , they were like motor bikes teetering at the edge of a cliff and just had to end the set! In reaction to the relentless crowd, who were chanting for more, Light Bulb Alley just stared blankly and slowly packed up their instruments. This was the only disappointment of the night.

Written by, Evan Khan
Photos by Brian Barnhart


Light Bulb Alley " The Bright Side of the Dumpster!" 

The release at Quai des Brumes in Montreal was dynamite and Light Bulb Alley are feeling the love!! Its time for a cigar and bath!!

 The space was jam packed with sweaty fans! Luger was explosive and The Sangomas destroyed!

Light Bulb Alley hit the stage with the long, droning 5 minute intro to the yet to be released song "I Don't Owe You a Thing"! Just when the anticipation was about to burst they exploded into the main riff and it was all a swerve ridden drive close to the edge of a cliff from then on!

Martin was in fish nets and the cameras were flashing! We played most of the songs off of "The Bright Side of the Dumpster" including Marie and Pepper Spray!!

At the end of the show we played the older song " Spaceship" and Alex and Allister went crazy with feedback and distortion while Seb beat the drums like a maniac.

We could not do an encore because some equipment was wrecked!


The Light Bulb Alley Trip to New York 

It was a hell of a trip! Light Bulb Alley decided to take the Train from Montreal to New York. We ended up using the dining car as our own personal party station.

We arrived in New York and partied into the wee hours of the morning. We visited The Cakeshop and there was a slight altercation when Nic lost his ticket used to pay for food at the famous Katz's Deli.The bouncers wouldn't let Nic leave because he forgot about this, Nic joked and thought he was on a reality T.V. show. He said " I guess I will have to move in the basement and start working for you guys". We eventually got out in one piece.

Then we played Webster Hall Studio. In the Green Room there were many party people and posters of bands that played there including Green Day and The Hives. We put on a missile of a show and partied into the next day again. The train back was a long sleep!

Thanks to Rachel, Candice, Anna, The Brink, Savage Hearts, YouthQuake, Crazy Pills, Tower, all our friends who came to the show and cool people we met!!  Rock N Roll!

Light Bulb Alley are coming to New York 

Light Bulb Alley are Going to New York City again! We are playing at the famous Webster Hall. After a brief skim of the Internet I noticed that a lot of awesome big shots have played Webster Hall: Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, you name it! Allister, Nic and Pablo are going to fry the left side of the brain and leave you twitching in the backstreets of New York City! Rock N Roll!  

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