Light Bulb Alley " The Bright Side of the Dumpster!"

The release at Quai des Brumes in Montreal was dynamite and Light Bulb Alley are feeling the love!! Its time for a cigar and bath!!

 The space was jam packed with sweaty fans! Luger was explosive and The Sangomas destroyed!

Light Bulb Alley hit the stage with the long, droning 5 minute intro to the yet to be released song "I Don't Owe You a Thing"! Just when the anticipation was about to burst they exploded into the main riff and it was all a swerve ridden drive close to the edge of a cliff from then on!

Martin was in fish nets and the cameras were flashing! We played most of the songs off of "The Bright Side of the Dumpster" including Marie and Pepper Spray!!

At the end of the show we played the older song " Spaceship" and Alex and Allister went crazy with feedback and distortion while Seb beat the drums like a maniac.

We could not do an encore because some equipment was wrecked!


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