The Light Bulb Alley Trip to New York

It was a hell of a trip! Light Bulb Alley decided to take the Train from Montreal to New York. We ended up using the dining car as our own personal party station.

We arrived in New York and partied into the wee hours of the morning. We visited The Cakeshop and there was a slight altercation when Nic lost his ticket used to pay for food at the famous Katz's Deli.The bouncers wouldn't let Nic leave because he forgot about this, Nic joked and thought he was on a reality T.V. show. He said " I guess I will have to move in the basement and start working for you guys". We eventually got out in one piece.

Then we played Webster Hall Studio. In the Green Room there were many party people and posters of bands that played there including Green Day and The Hives. We put on a missile of a show and partied into the next day again. The train back was a long sleep!

Thanks to Rachel, Candice, Anna, The Brink, Savage Hearts, YouthQuake, Crazy Pills, Tower, all our friends who came to the show and cool people we met!!  Rock N Roll!

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  • Lisa

    Lisa montreal and other planets

    Wow sounds like a blast r0ckG0d

    Wow sounds like a blast r0ckG0d

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