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LIght Bulb Alley Story

Light Bulb Alley are a Canadian rock band formed in Montreal in 2007. The group consists of Allister Booth (guitar, vocals) and many members throughout the years. The band began as an independent act, self-producing their recordings, before they eventually emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the Montreal Garage/Punk scene.The band's raw garage rock sound draws heavily from Allister's influences of Old Time Blues and 70's Punk. They just released their second album: "The Bright Side of the Dumpster!"

Edgy primal energy and songwriters of visceral playful depth can be heard on their 2011 debut "The Sound Of Things" as well.

Light Bulb Alley believes in musical freedom and the admiration of Rock & Roll in its pure and raw form.The seedy underbelly, alleyways, and gutters feed the fire of this band's beast. They can be compared to The Cramps or Velvet Underground with a modern spark.

Everything the band does, they do for Rock & Roll, challenging themselves musically and playing for people who get it. They believe it is not the things we have but the experiences we take.


"...their rollicking, rockabilly-tinged sound retains the fireball energy and DIY grit of a classic punk outfit." Bandmark.com


"Stratified clouds of cigarette smoke in a bar are the images invoked by the music here." Earshot Magazine


"I can't describe properly how great it is! Moody guitar, bass, and drums with vocals and trashy performing still shudder my body!!! Excellent"! Gew Gaw Fanzine.


"After a rumbling, shuddering cover of  "Who Do You Love" we get into a CD of damned fine originals. This is neo-garage psyche delivered good and ugly." Leicester Bangs


"...absolute killer garagepunk guitar noise just made for dancing and drinking"! Mongrel Zine


"Seedy underbelly stabbing at your eyes like Jack the Rippers surgical knives. Leaving you for the crows, vultures and worms." Sugarbuzz Magazine"

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